No More Sending Invoices

Avoid the Complexities associated with creating and then voiding dummy invoices - Provide full transparency into all the charges and reduce opportunities for buyer’s remorse. Error free, clean, and one less heartache for the finance department.

Automated Invoicing and Accounting Intigrations

Create invoices – Let the software do the hard of creating PDF and emailing

JUST FREIGHTS allows you to create and manage invoices, create Draft invoices, Fetch customer details, Fetch order information and save as a draft or issue. Again Let the software do the hard of creating PDF and emailing it to customers. Also, add your logo to the invoice.

Wait there’s more…

Fetch right Freight information from JUST FREIGHTS to Accounting books, also map payments, refunds, and other charges into your Accounting software. And reduce the risk of errors and the hours of grunt work that go with it, with accurate automatic invoices and integrations. Also, integrate banking with your accounting software and payment gateway to tighten all endpoints.

Location wise management

Assign work not only on the basis of the process but also location wise eg: All freight bookings master – for port NEWARK – John. All Freight bookings master – for port MUNDRA – Vaishali

The same goes for taxes. Exempt certain plans from taxes, while still applying the global tax rules on everything else.

Location wise management