Make yourself available 24/7 with a live customer engagement platform.

Going the extra mile is hard. The first mile, not so much. Let your customers serve themselves with a customizable customer portal.

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Stand out and convert more customers by letting your customer search and book on your platform!
Deliver a slick booking experience  with an e-booking platform and reduce churn as you are always in a position to accept bookings at your customer's convenience.
Expand your global footprint as you are no longer bound by offline boundaries. Connect with customers across borders and accept booking via e-booking platform.
Own branded platform Choose the look and feel, add your logo, and give instant booking experience under your brand. All this hosted on your company domain.

24/7 booking desk
with no humans!

Digitalization has changed the way we consume services. We get instant gratification in everything we do, a click and you get stuff delivered at your doorstep, a click and you get a cab at your location. With the JUST FREIGHTS customer engagement platform, start accepting bookings from anywhere in the world with a user-friendly live e-booking platform.  

Customer Engagement Platform with Justfreights
“Using JUST FREIGHTS customer engagement platform our sales staff is able to focus more on Sales and less on giving constant updates and replying to emails.”

Enable sales and marketing
to acquire More

A normal static website limits your chances of getting customer signup and inquire about their cargo movements, and allow them to search and book. A customer engagement platform designed to convert, let customer manage their data and bookings. What’s more - weave the look and feel of your brand consistently across each customer-facing element.

End to end Customer engagement

It just does not stop with search and book, we have a lot to offer – Your Customers can view their booking history, Check past documents, Download invoices, Pay for your services through a secured seamless checkout – check out payment gateways integrated.

No matter how you handle Freight Forwarding today, JUST FREIGHTS can fit in with your existing tech stack and exemplify operational efficiency

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