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We Know the difference between FCL - LCL - Bulk - ODC - MBL - MAWB

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the way you’ve
Understanding and Re-engineering complex shipping procedures and eliminating redundant processes is at the core of our DNA.
Experienced team of Ship Tech professionals along with Experienced Industry professionals helps to provide key insights.
Own branded platform Choose the look and feel, blend within your systems, integrate the way you’ve imagined. Choose the look and feel, blend within your systems, integrate the way you’ve imagined.
Faster, accurate coding, our team works in shipping and logistics day in day out which makes it easy to understand complex procedures and the architectural requirement for any scale.

Tailor made to align
with your process

JUST FREIGHTS has been at the forefront of innovation in shipping technology. Our day starts with learning the core of shipping and logistics and trying to eliminate the redundant processes, robotizing the laborious tasks which can add to significant value to our customers.

“Using JUST FREIGHTS customer engagement platform our sales staff is able to focus more on Sales and less on giving constant updates and replying to emails.”

First to last mile support

We are as much excited as your team is about the change you are trying to bring with technology. From understanding your process and requirements to implementing across your organization our team will navigate through every milestone! At JUST FREIGHTS we believe in active response and not reactive to your problems.

Vertical and horizontal support
Stellar booking experience

JUST FREIGHTS Customer happiness team will be the first point of contact post-deployment. Our team will help ease through onboarding your team and guiding through every module. JUST FREIGHTS implementation managers will help you optimize and craft a scalable strategy to set you for growth and generating new business.

No matter how you handle Freight Forwarding today, JUST FREIGHTS can fit in with your existing tech stack and exemplify operational efficiency

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Logistics Marketing
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