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Dehumanize Your Freight Management.

Eliminate Individual errors and handle complex Freight bookings with ease.

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your Freight
Handle Complex freight scenarios as you scale across different commodities and geographies and ports
Eliminate manual errors by digitizing Freight management operations from Buy/Sell rates to Quotations and Billing.
Remove Excel as well as human dependencies by gaining complete control over Freight management.
Keep a track all Freight rates across different customers, for different ports, for FCL & LCL and much more.

Enable a Frictionless Quote to Freight
Management to e-booking process

You never know what your sales rep has negotiated to get the freight booking. As a freight management company, it becomes imperative to adopt a freight management system that acts as a key component of your multimodal transportation paradigm. JUST FREIGHTS Ocean Freight management system brings transparency between operations and sales teams.

Real time freight management
“Using JUST FREIGHTS customer engagement platform our sales staff is able to focus more on Sales and less on giving constant updates and replying to emails.”
Just manage Freight, leave

Just manage Freight, leave

All the essentials captured and elegantly rendered on a minimal invoice, delivered straight to your customer's inbox. JUST FREIGHTS offers automated invoicing too, just manage Ocean freight and once customer puts an order software automatically generates invoice.

Navigate customers through a
Stellar booking experience

Sign up customers with a SSL secure zero-code checkout that's designed to convert. Let customers manage their bookings data themselves. What's more — weave the look and feel of your brand consistently across each of these customer-facing elements.

customer satisfaction with just freights

No matter how you handle Freight Forwarding today, JUST FREIGHTS can fit in with your existing tech stack and exemplify operational efficiency

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