Enhance your customer Service with SEP

A Shipper’s Engagement Platform, being industry-specific, would provide and fulfill every possible need that a freight and Transport service provider needs. It includes providing Quotation Management, Freight Management, Trailer management, Documentation management, Shipper’s Management. But nobody would promise the same on behalf of a Logistics CRM.

CRM v/s Shipper Enagagement Platform

Let Just Freights handle your Client Management

A Shipper’s Engagement Platform has been specially made to serve the needs and requirements of logistics service providers. The motive is to get hold of relevant shipper’s and turn them into consumers and then into promoters. On the other hand, Logistics CRM is designed to serve customers in the logistics market. The designing of the software is done while keeping to attract and maintain customer relationships.

With JustFreights, Get User-based management platform.

With JustFreights Shipper’s Engagement platform, Logistics service providers can manage Freights, Quotation, and Transport user wise, also can manage KYC, previous bookings many more stuff, With SEP, logistics provider can offer direct booking platform to their shippers, JustFreights SEP is virtual office of logistics service providers.

Get 5x more leads with paid campaigns.

Paid campaigns get faster leads, better conversations, more brand visibility, Remarketing helps us get more website traffic and results in more business. As we at JustFreights know logistics completely, we make the best the campaigns as we better understand your clients’ needs.

CRM v/s Shipper Enagagement Platform